Gnarly Snow Socks

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No shirt, no socks, no dice! Mr. Hand is going to be even saltier than normal when he realizes what Mr. Feet gets to wear: Stance Gnarly Snow Socks. These are the gnarliest snow socks in existence. Just don't crash your brother's car!

Product Details


Polyester Blend – Experience a greater comfort through chemistry with Stance's premium synthetic fabrication that’s lightweight, ultra-durable and easy to clean.


Over the Calf – Hitting right below the knee, this height covers the entire lower leg.


Moderate – Moderate cushioning throughout the sock for a secure fit with enhanced impact protection.


Channeled Air Cushioning – Breathe easy with the enhanced airflow of Stance's Channeled Air Cushioning.

Performance Arch Support – Performance Arch Support fights off strain and fatigue to keep you moving.

Seamless Toe Closure – Seamless Toe Closure for an anti-friction finish your feet will love.

Performance Mesh – Performance Mesh keeps you cool with maximized airflow and breathability.

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