Lassig Allround Sneaker

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Lightweight and flexible, Lässig Allround Sneakers perfectly complement all the warm and snug items that make up the Cozy Terry Wear collection. On the playground, at the daycare center or kindergarten, on vacation at the beach or on the next family outing, Lässig Allround Sneakers are the ideal footwear for adventurous kids.

This plain and practical footwear has a flexible anti-slip sole that helps to keep children steady of foot as they first begin to explore their surroundings. Children like the convenience of the slip-on design and parents will approve of the optimal support provided for young, growing feet.

Lässig Allround Sneakers are also ideal for the next trip to the beach or the pool. They have a breathable, quick-drying and elastic upper material and protect the sensitive soles of the feet in summer from insect bites, sharp stones or hot sand.

Allround Sneakers perfectly complement all the other items in the Cozy Terry Wear line. The clothing and accessories that make up this collection are available in many fashionable shades and in different sizes.

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