Co-Pilot Ski Harness

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THE BEST WAY TO START! SPEED UP LEARNING - BOOST CONFIDENCE - ENJOY A GREAT SKIING EXPERIENCE! CoPilot Ski Trainer - a PATENTED ski teaching technique that encourages a natural forward stance and ensures beginners find balance intuitively. See You Tube vid for demo. Unlike conventional harnesses, CoPilot leaves the upper body free for the beginner to discover balance while the parent/teacher monitors speed and facilitates turns via the boot reins. Results are accelerated learning, increased confidence and a great skiing experience. COMPONENTS 1) Ski rein: Bright hydrophobic polyester webbing for high visibility and durability - our ORIGINAL elasticized webbing absorbs tension and allows for smooth handling - Metal trigger snaps for easily clipping on and off - Total length approximately 16 feet 2) Boot straps: Simple-to-use wrap-around polyester webbing straps with Velcro - Metal D-ring for clipping on CoPilot 3) Packaged in water resistant pouch

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