Vans Animal Slip-On TRK Shoe

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Just go surf, rinse, then repeat. Taking the Classic Slip-On silhouette to a whole new level, the Leopard Slip-On TRK combines all the Vans DNA that you know and love with a durable, single piece injected construction, deconstructed checkerboard drainage holes for breathability, and an oversized reverse waffle sole for incredible traction in any situation. Designed to be lightweight and fully rinseable, the Leopard Slip-On TRK is easy to pack for your next adventure, so you can slip-on and on and on . . . • BIG-TIME TRACTION - Improved traction for any situation, thanks to the oversized reverse waffle sole. • BREATHABLE AND RINSABLE - Drainage holes mean that whatever goes in goes right back out. • A ONE-PIECE, SOLID, DURABLE DESIGN - A single-piece injected construction makes the Slip-On TRK collapsible and packable, as well as durable. • LEOPARD PRINT - The allover animal print enhances the “Off The Wall” look of this heritage-inspired shoe.

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