Theragun Super Soft Attachment

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Whether it’s particularly sore muscles or just areas of your body that need a lighter touch, our Supersoft attachment is just what you need. Experience the therapeutic benefits of your Theragun device with the treatment intensity that works for you.
  • Compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3

Device Compatibility
4th Generation: PRO, Elite, Prime, mini
3rd Generation: G3PRO, G3

Recommended Usage
The Supersoft attachment is designed with an open-cell foam tip, intended for ultra-gentle use on the body. We highly recommend floating the Supersoft over the body lightly during treatment, as excessive pressure may be abrasive to the skin.

2.4 in x 2.4 in
(60 mm x 60 mm)

Base: Closed-cell foam
Tip: Open-cell PU foam

1.2 oz
(34 g)

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