Sonny Angel Space Series 2020

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In “Sonny Angel in Space Adventure”, Sony Angel wearing costumes of various motifs such as astronauts, rockets, sun and moon will appear under the theme of “space”!
Please also pay attention to the unique design that makes you want to imagine the story of adventure.


The design of this series has a retro and nostalgic atmosphere. Sonny Angel in Space Adventure figures are even cuter when you display them with other space-themed items. Turn your room into a cosmic universe.



The ears of the helmet are shaped like the feather of Sonny Angel. He is geared up to go on an adventure into the unknown!!


His costume is graduated blue, like the night sky, with buttons in the shapes of different stages of the moon. Rabbit ears also match the image of the moon.


This alien has a mouth shaped like the mouth of an octopus… so cute! The cape is designed in the image of an alien foot.


Earth has the image of a retro globe. It’s like a knowledgeable astronomer. He wears an adorable cape and hat!


The gorgeous robe he wore is like the king of the sun.The ribbon closure of his robe reflects his importance in the Solar System.


The rocket design and constellation prints create a retro image. The design of his cape recalls a booster rocket!

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