Sonny Angel Christmas Series 2020 Limited edition

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This Christmas, Sonny Angel has a Christmas present for you♪ Dressed in Santa Claus costume, Sonny Angel has prepared gifts for you including a snow globe, poinsettia, and mittens. Another of the gifts is a plush version of Sonny Angel’s friend, Robby.


Sonny Angel’s generous spirit is clearly depicted in this series with each version presenting a gift.
You will also notice different positioning of the Santa hats relative to the figure’s headdress. Any night can be Christmas Eve when you spend it with Sonny Angel!


Stuffed Robby

A reindeer presents a stuffed Robby. Robby is wearing the same Santa hat as Sonny Angel.

Wrapped Present

A cheetah presents a wrapped gift box. What did Sonny Angel put in the box with the pretty bow?

Christmas Stocking

A sloth presents a Christmas stocking. The expression of the sloth is festive.


A hedgehog presents a Poinsettia. The way the Santa hat sits on his head is adorable.


A koala presents mittens to keep your hands warm. The characteristically large ears of the koala are prominent.

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