Skate Book, By Karl Watson

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Karl Watson knows exactly how hard skateboarding is. The 40-year-old San Franciscan has been bombing hills and innovating on ledges since the early 90s, making a name for himself with incredible on-board style and the skateboard industry’s biggest smile. After more than 20 years as a pro for storied companies like Mad Circle, IPath, and Organika, he’s now a father to four kids of his own, and is ready to share that knowledge with the next generation. Karl teamed up with cartoonist Henry Jones for My First Skateboard, an illustrated children’s book about falling down, getting up, and finding community in our favorite useless wooden toy. By rooting the book in their own childhood experiences, Watson and Jones were able to capture the joy and wonder of picking a board and learning to skate, without one competition, sponsor, or bully in sight.


you can buy the book here and if you love the illustrations, then once your child learns to skate, you could get Henry Jones to draw your child skateboarding for a small price.

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