Skate Banana Snowboard (Austin Sweeten) 154

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The Skate Banana’s revolutionary, award winning "Banana Tech" rocker/camber contour re-defined modern snowboarding. This fun easy to ride, high performance dream stick rips hardpack, carves ice, jibs and oats effortlessly in powder. The perfect board to progress on whether you are just getting started or a pro stacking clips.

Board Art By: Austen Sweetin (@austensweetin)
“My Rig inspired the photographic collage on this years Skate Banana because just like a good rig, it will take you on a lot of adventures. Whether you’re chasing pow, ripping mogul fields, carving groomers, chucking off booters, jibbin’ some steal, ducking ropes or just doing whatever it is you like to do on the slopes, this will be the rig for you.” ~Austen Sweetin


  • Core: 75% Aspen / 25% Paulownia
  • Glass:Tri-Ax / Bi-Ax Fiber
  • Top: Non Compis Mentis Textured Eco Sublimated Poly Top
  • Base: Eco Sublimated TNT (Fast & Low Maintenance)
  • Birch Internal Sidewalls
  • Uhmw Sintered Sidewalls
  • Uhmw Tip/Tail Impact Deflection
  • Magne-Traction
  • BTX

Camber Profile:

Original Banana

Revolutionary all terrain freestyle banana blend that carves the hardpack, rips the pow, and jibs everything. Rocker between your feet with flat to mild camber to contact points. Mild tip pressure for unreal float and jibbing, solid pressure between your feet for easy turning and great ice edge hold. Original Banana is the best contour to learn and progress on.


True Twin 

A true twin shape is completely symmetrical. If you cut a true twin in half exactly down the middle you would end up with two identical pieces of board.

This means that the nose and the tail are the same length and the same width and the bindings are centred on the board – i.e. they are equal distances from the centre of the board and the front binding is the same distance from the nose as the back binding is from the tail.

Of course, as you can adjust the width of the position of the bindings you could create a setback stance if you were so inclined but this would be unusual on a true twin given best snowboard shop in whistler

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