MiniRodini Minirodini, Blockstripe NB Leggings

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BLOCK STRIPE NEWBORN LEGGINGS Block striped leggings in a soft Tencel® fabric. These leggings are Mini Rodini’s newborn-model, designed to fit the littlest ones. The leggings have soft cuffs at leg endings and a wide waistband to make sure that they stay in place. • Flag label at the side with Mini Rodini’s classic mouse • Mini Rodini’s logo and information about size are printed on the inside of the fabric to avoid any annoyance that might arise from a sewn-on label • 93 % tencel, 7 % elastane • Made in Lithuania These leggings are made of Tencel® which is manufactured in a unique closed loop system where the chemicals are recycled instead of leaked out into nature. Besides being a pioneer in the textile industry, Tencel® is a durable, yet soft, material that is cool to the touch.
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