Mens Performance Plus Lightweight Compression Sock

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Give your feet an unfair advantage with breathability and cushioning for impact and warmth.

Some of the most advanced features and materials known to sock science converge in the men's Burton Performance + Lightweight Compression Sock. The key feature comes in the form of elastic support and quick-drying, moisture-wicking construction to keep you warm and dry. The ergonomic, articulated fit puts support and compression in all the right places for each foot. Reinforced padding in focused areas keep you locked in, and even provide a little padding in high-pressure zones. Hiking around, hot lapping, or just going for a walk in the lot, your feet will thank you.


Quick-drying and odor-resistant polypropylene reinforced footbed
Chafe-free toe seam

Padded channels alleviate pressure and increase comfort
Allover elastic support
Ergonomic, articulated left and right MotionFit

Low-profile welted cuff
Sock lock reinforcements help to keep your heel from slipping
DRYRIDE Ultrawick venting toe panel improves airflow

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