Lil Ripper Gripper Lil Ripper Gripper Snowboard/Ski Harness

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- Nylon webbing for added durability and weather resistance - Leashes are attached at the hips for skiers and in the front and back for snowboarders - can be changed in seconds! - The leashes are 4m (12 ft) long, can be locked at any length, and retract when not in use - When not in use, leash handles are securely stored in the holsters on the sides of the harness - Rear safety handle to help keep a grip on those Lil' Rippers while riding the chairlift We also include the Tip Gripper with every harness. This attaches to the tips of the skis to help make perfect snowplows! Important - Max. weight 50 lbs - Beginner slope use - Only for ski and snowboard training - BOTH leashes must be attached when in use, and secured in holster when riding the lift. *Patent pending in USA and Canada
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