Gnu Gnu, Ladies Choice Snowboard

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JAMIE ANDERSON’S CHOICE FOR ALL MOUNTAIN FREESTYLE WITH A PREMIUM ECO CONSCIENCE The Ladies Choice is a reflection of her positive self, supporting all efforts she makes to push the progression of snowboarding. Whether it be podium topping, jaw dropping maneuvers in the park, heart opening resort ripping, or taking on new frontiers in the backcountry, Jamie’s award winning C2 dream board will always be there for you. Hand-built in the USA at the World’s Most Environmental Board Factory, the Ladies Choice is produced with quality craftsmanship, and a conscience in line with Jamie’s unreal Eco-ethos at Mervin MFG. Zero Hazardous Waste. PROVEN AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF COMPETITION ASYMMETRIC BALANCED DESIGN REDUCES FATIGUE AND IMPROVES PERFORMANCE Art by Sarah King
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