Fix Binding Fix Binding, Dope Series

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Based on the Magnum Series, the DOPE x FIX collab binding is an adjustable aluminum heelcup binding with memory gel straps and urethane damping pad that gives an unbelievably responsive yet smooth ride. LIMITED EDITION OF 50 PER COLOR The MAGNUM is our first adjustable heelcup binding featuring customizable sizing at both the heel and footbed for superior boot positioning over the center of the board. The balance of strength, weight and dampening makes this one of the most requested bindings by the Fix team. • Glass fill nylon baseplate and highback • 100% regrind free baseplate and highback • Tool free forward lean adjuster • Adjustable Extruded Aluminum Heelcup • Hardware free ladder attachments • Cast aluminum buckles • Memory gel ankle strap padding • EVA Adustable footbed • 4x4 disc with 2 hole slider compatibility >> Recycled regrind box
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