Fairplay Fairplay Wo Runner Jogger Pant

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The Jogger Pant comes from a long line of innovations within the bottoms category. With the demand of tailored fit pants on the rise, we know this category is already changing the way bottoms are viewed in men’s fashion today. The idea all started with men cuffing the bottom pant and pin-rolling the leg opening tighter to better display their sneakers. With that in mind, the elastic bottom cuff came to life, increasing the demand of high-end sneakers and quality shoes in general. Together, this silhouette and the sneaker industry have grown tremendously in the last year due to the pants’ complimentary function and style. Not only did the notion of showcasing these great shoes take off in the market, but they turned out to be one of the most comfortable pair of pants known today. Because of this, the Jogger Pant is on its way to becoming a classic staple in fashion for all.
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