Airblaster Everyday Boxer Brief

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Not much needs to be said about Airblaster underwear, aka Baseleyer for your Facelayer. All the jokes have already been made. What we can tell you is that these are made of the same wicking 4-way stretch that you already know from your Ninja Suit. It’s like a Ninja Suit for your crotch. Beat that. Once you know that, you literally can't not back these. They're a great addition to pants for obvious reasons, and who doesn't reluctantly accept the social construct of pants?

  • Relastic fit for everyday comfort and technical layering
  • 230g midweight synthetic blend
  • 4-way stretch AIR-TECH fabric, 94% poly, 6% elastic
  • Front fly for quick access number 1s
  • AIRBLASTER branded jacquard waistband

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