Dinosaurs Will Die DWD Kwon

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2019 DWD KWON Snowboard REVAMPED ALL TERRAIN CHARGER The Kwon is the most all terrain focussed model in the DWD line and is aimed at riders who are looking for a board that can take on any terrain and any style of riding. Entirely re-engineered for this season and with an all-new shape, the Kwon steps it up regarding performance and versatility. With a traditionally inspired round nose profile and a 1mm taper, this all-new Kwon is in its element wherever you ride it. Making it the perfect board for anyone that wants to get out and about and destroy everything that the mountain can throw at them. Rider Style' All-terrain riders looking for a high-performance ride anything and everywhere board. Shape Overview' For 18/19 the Kwon has undergone a significant transformation. In comes an all-new directional shape with a slight taper giving the board a more predictable and stable ride cementing its all-terrain credentials. Also, as part of the Kwon redesign DWD have given it an elliptical sidecut. This blend of multi-radius from the tip to the tail helps initiate turns while powering up the tail for increased drive. Profile' As the Kwon is all about performance, it utilises the responsive Action Camber profile. This complex combination of rocker at the tip and tail, flat camber to the inserts and traditional camber between the feet delivers the perfect characteristics for riding everything on the mountain. Floaty at the nose, solid and stable between the feet and poppy and lively off those flat sections. Construction' When it comes to construction, the Kwon steps it up a level compared to the rest of the DWD range. Heading this up is the lively poplar and birch core. This responsive wood core gives the perfect balance of freestyle feel but with a snappy flex through the length. Now to ensure that the Kwon sacrifices none of its park credentials, DWD creates the structural layers from a more forgiving bi-ax weave glass. This gives the board a more playful overall feel, but thanks to the addition of Carbon V Bracing from the contact points to the insert pack, it delivers this softer ride without compromising any of its responsive and powerful ride. Base' To finish off the Kwon, DWD fit a super-fast high quality sintered base. ONLY @ THE CIRCLE
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