Crab Grab Crab Grab, Phone Traction

Article number: Crabgrab-w16-cgpt010-Black-OS
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Dimensions: Perfectly fits the back of the iPhone 6 Why are phones so slippery? Make your smart phone a little less dumb by sticking a piece of Phone Traction to the back of your phone or phone case. LESS SLIP. Stays on awkward surfaces like car dashboards and foreheads better. MORE GRIP. Less likely to fall out of your pocket. EASILY REMOVABLE. Just peel off the traction and then the sticky film left behind. TRANSFERABLE. Peel it on and off a bunch of times before it looses it's sticky factor. CASE ENHANCER. Sticks to the back of your favorite case to make it even more effective. DISCLAIMER: Although Crab Grab Phone Traction will make your phone less slippery, accidents will happen and we are not responsible for any broken or damaged phones (duh).
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