Circle Kids Crew Neck Sweater

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100% Organic Cotton

No secret here. Organic cotton isn’t just softer, it’s better! For you and for everyone involved.

Better for farmers

Farmers work in safe environments free from exposure to toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This increases their lifespan and provides a reliable source of income and future for their families.

Better for our planet

Organic cotton is produced naturally without harmful chemical treatments. By choosing natural farming methods, we help preserve our environment, keeping our earth water clean!

Better for you

Organic cotton is super soft, naturally hypoallergenic, and safe! It’s free from harsh treatments like formaldehydes and perfect for little ones with sensitive skin.

Designed & Printed In Whistler B.C

Made In India Ethically.

By choosing to be 100% sweatshop-free, we ensure that children play in our clothes, not make them.

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