Bomb Hole Snow Sock

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Fire in the bomb hole. Legendary East Coast snowboarder, Chris Grenier, talks shop on his podcast with other snow-loving athletes about what inspires them to keep sending it, season after season. We've teamed up with him to bring you these mountain-ready Merino wool blend socks. To reduce fatigue and blisters, we added mid-level cushioning in strategic areas on the OTC cut. They've got Feel360™, our sweat-wicking, odor-stopping fabric that's made even better with our Infiknit™ fibers won't rip or shred, unlike you. 


Over The Calf

Hitting right below the knee, this height covers the entire lower leg.


Nylon Blend

42% nylon, 30% polyester, 26% merino wool, 2% elastane

Medium Cushioning

Moderate cushioning throughout the sock for a secure fit with enhanced impact protection.

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