A New Alphabet For Humanity Book

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A New Alphabet for Humanity is a best-selling book for raising compassionate, kind, confident and caring kids. 

A New Alphabet for Humanity special edition children's book features 26 empowering alphabet lessons to nurture your child's social and emotional intelligence, to bring out their best and create a bright future for humanity!  

It's the most inspiring alphabet on the planet!  

✨ Nurtures social and emotional intelligence.  

✨ Teaches children how to embody the values and qualities we all desire to live by. 

✨ Includes 26 empowering alphabet words like compassion, kindness, empathy bravery, respect for the earth, self-love, and much more! 

✨ Provides a heart-based education in one simple book. 

✨ Perfect to share with children (and adults) ages 2 to 102!   

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